Ten years of experience in translation


"Erminevein" is a translation center well-established in the Greek translation industry which enjoys great reputation for the high-quality translation and interpretation services offered to its customers as well as for the high standards of reliability and professionalism which the company has been invariably serving from the beginning of its existence.

With a considerable pool of specialized, highly trained and greatly experienced associates in its disposal, and over ten years of experience in translation services, "Erminevein" is now established as the safest solution for many private enterprises as well as for many public organizations, universities, media, financial and educational institutions, publishing organizations, banking institutions, law firms, trade associations and chambers etc.

The company engages primarily in translation and interpretation services in respect of legal, financial, technical, medical or literary work, employing state-of-the-art computerization methods, translation technologies and equipment.

Our comparative advantages:
  •  Service quality: "Erminevein” translation center applies international translation quality standards and strict criteria in organizing its translation operations.
  •  Punctuality: Your translation will be delivered to you at the agreed date and time and free of any omissions, ambiguities or inaccuracies. We never request expansion of the delivery dates agreed with out customers.
  •  Prompt and friendly response: “Erminevein” provides its customers promptly with the financial offers requested, either by phone or email. We further suggest various solutions and make available to our customers our extensive professional know-how.
  •  Flexibility: At the customer’s request “Erminevein” makes all necessary changes to the original texts and renegotiates the original terms in order to promptly respond to the latest developments. We can also adjust the style of our customers' texts at their request, where translation quality and accuracy permits.
  •  Translation ethics: We provide translation services in strict compliance with the rules and ethics governing translation services worldwide. “Erminevein” refuses to offer translation services in respect of any texts which are inaccurate, deficient or otherwise problematic or:
  •  Confidentiality: We fully understand that all information and documentation that comes to our knowledge within the scope of the translation services offered is strictly confidential and we undertake to keep such confidentiality and not disclose any such contents to third parties.

Lastly, we refuse to carry out a project where we lack the necessary know-how, resources or associates or where time limits do not allow for quality work. This is because our primary objective is that all projects assigned to us be delivered in excellence…